Top 10 FREE Bitcoin Apps 2017- Get FREE BItcoins NOW

I was goofing off with my android phone and connected it to my phone to make everything looks bigger just for this video 🙂

Here are the top 10 apps that PAY FREE bitcoins on your phone/tablet:
4 out of 10 are listed in the link below:

5. Bitcoin Farm:

6. Bitcoin Faucet:

7. Claim BTC:


9. Alien Run:

10. Abundance (The ONLY FREE “Money Mindset” App that also actually GIVES YOU MONEY!) :

Bonus: Qriket:
Get 10 FREE bonus spins when using the link above. One you reach 25$ they will send it right to your paypal 🙂

Buy as much power as you can with your earnings from ALL these apps :
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