The Complete Free Bitcoin Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Watch this video now to get answers to any bitcoin questions you have and see how you can start making money with bitcoin today based on what has worked for me! If you want to know if bitcoin is legit, is bitcoin safe, and is bitcoin a good investment, those questions and many more are answered in this video! Skip ahead to specific topics using the time points below and buy the complete course or any one course at
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9:41 Bitcoin is a digital currency backed by users. Like wikipedia for money!
11:06 3 bitcoin price charts you might enjoy!
14:43 How to get your free 0.01 bitcoin as a student in this course!
17:57 What opportunities do you have with bitcoin today?
20:09 The past, present, and future of bitcoin investing.
27:11 Theft of bitcoin is the greatest practical risk to investing in bitcoin.
31:11 What Jerry learned losing $5,000 investing in bitcoin with short term goals.
40:42 This course motivated me to launch a sustainable bitcoin investing plan.
43:45 My bitcoin selling strategy.
1:03:08 What do you get out of taking this Bitcoin business building course?
1:05:07 What is the point of showing earnings? Motivation to try and faith in progress.
1:08:23 YouTube is the most powerful and easy to start with organic traffic source!
1:11:14 Using Google AdWords for video is like paying for YouTube SEO!
1:19:59 Making videos on YouTube you can turn into text and ads on Facebook.
1:22:53 A fresh look at SEO! Think about what existing websites you can work with!
1:27:51 What have you been motivated to do after taking this course?
1:29:21 You can use this course to gain course and motivation to try something new!
1:32:41 There is also a risk in not trying anything new!
1:35:58 I challenge you to make your first investment along with me!
1:39:49 Using auto invest I have 2 investments right away and am running on faith!
1:41:39 The truth is you can guess well but you cannot know in advance.
1:43:58 I like auto invest because it gives everyone a fair chance and is easy.
1:46:27 I invest what I can afford to lose completely to start.
1:50:46 What is a bitcoin faucet? It is a website offering free bitcoin tasks.
1:51:49 What is exciting about learning about a bitcoin faucet?
1:53:16 If you can make your bitcoin faucet do something valuable, the money will come!
1:57:16 YouTube is the ideal place to get free high quality traffic!
2:01:30 You can do this with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin!
2:04:09 What is the most you can hope to gain by taking this course?
2:05:54 Why do all of these methods work? You are helping someone else.
2:11:20 Thank you for completing the course! What guaranteed win do I hope you received?

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1:40 Quote "insured just like money in the bank" NO NEED LISTEN FURTHER .FAKE GUY.


hello guys can you help me to start my frist investment
just deposit some bitcoin , and realy thank's you to help me
this my bitcoin address


Hello Jerry… Thank you for this video. How can I download it?


dude…script and get someone to voice over your content … I couldnt get past the first few minutes of rambling bollocks!!!,


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also is blockchain a safe bitcoin wallet? im pretty sure it is but hey you never know


حط كودي واحط، كودك
wild wallet


because of the is video i subscribed


You talking to much and you said nothing.


Check her link if you need to do any Video / Graphic or Web Designing. Bitcoin accepting.


You're very excited about Bitcoin. I get that but you do mention a rather lot. It's heavy going. Also, midway through your video. You re introduce yourself which just tells me you've not edited this. Which means this 2hours plus video would be shorter and less daunting. Hope you understand and appreciate the feedback


I like how everytime I see you have a new video it is either a video on economics or a video on video games.


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