The Bitcoin Group #78 – BitPay Hacked – IBM Bitcoin? – NH Bitcoin Bill – Commodification

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Bitcoin Payment Processor BitPay Loses $1.8M in Phishing Hack

IBM Adapts Bitcoin Technology for Smart Contracts

NH House of Representatives to Vote on Bitcoin Bill

Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, According to U.S. Regulator

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5 comments on “The Bitcoin Group #78 – BitPay Hacked – IBM Bitcoin? – NH Bitcoin Bill – Commodification

22:3026:30 Tone is spot on. It goes against the principles of cryptocurrency itself, and whoever is trying to comply is just scared of the IRS or any other government agencies because fear is the only trick they have up their sleeve. The only reason they have this power is because they have the ability to print out whatever massive amount of wealth they want in order to prop up the system, but it will tumble soon. Mathematically, the debt cannot be sustained and people will pour into real wealth, not fiat which will finally limit the government's ability to steal from us through taxation and inflation for their agendas.


Awesome video.
Love how the bitcoin price has been so stable this year. It allows the late comers to accumulate some bitcoins before the failure of the conventional fiat economic system starts to drive the bitcoin price up again.


Thank you all for these hangouts. You all do a great job helping keeping every one up to date and your professional opinions are on point.


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