The Bitcoin Group #110 – Bitcoin is Money, 500M Yahoo Accounts Hacked, Bitcoin Unlimited

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Bitcoin is money, U.S. judge says in case tied to JPMorgan hack

Yahoo Says Information on at Least 500 Million User Accounts Was Stolen

Roger Ver Is Still Determined to Increase the Bitcoin Block Size Limit via a Hard Fork

and Predictions!

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17 comments on “The Bitcoin Group #110 – Bitcoin is Money, 500M Yahoo Accounts Hacked, Bitcoin Unlimited

AT 39:00
if you trust the developers of Core and Blockstream but not the developers in BU, you are misunderstanding bitcoin.
It is a trustless network.
When you inject trust you are breaking it.


What with this dbags annoying voice, effn annoying as its unlistenable.


close family of mine got in a lawsuit against bank of A regarding mismanagement of her trust after her parents passed. Before the lawyers got involved though, boa reps apparently sent her emails which they later regretted, because the emails in question vanished from her online mailbox. calls to yahoo went many hours and resulted in several berated reps who were nearly in tears literally after the ripping they received from my friends' guardian. An Antonopols has stated that this MO is evidence of the abuse of the send-canceling protocols which is tweaked somehow for high value clients.
Probably set up initially by CIA homeland security as some kind of patriot act directive or something of the sort.
I will gnaw on these peoples bones one day. I swear.
THanks guys!


The problem with bitcoin, eCoin any virtual coin and all crypto-currencies is that all transactions are virtual, public and ultimately traceable. Orwellianly so : "backdoor, side door" etc. We need currency that is impossible to trace, real not virtual and non-depedent on electricity or internet, in order to maintain some privacy and control.


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Ive read completely conflicting reports on blocksize. Roger says Satoshi's vision was to replace fiat currency. Transaction volume has been flat lining for a year with full blocks, Bitcoin is slowly stagnating.
Kristov Atlas also referenced a paper on major problems with Segwit and soft forks.So serious it carries systemic risks for bitcoin. Cores approach gives miners exclusive control over bitcoins direction.
Im beginning to side with Roger, 1mb limits adoption and and price of Bitcoin. That is a fact. So Roger has my attention.


You need to reupload this video because it is stuck in a loop…. By repeating its self


Tone , what documentary are you referring to in regards to Gavin ? please post link.


Could it not be said that the 10-60 min confirmation is a part of the price paid for the security offered? Don't shorter confirmation times have a direct security trade off? Not %100 on that one, but it's been my impression. Guess traditional financial systems use time to aid security as well, but they of course burn days not 10's of minutes. I'm not a full-on maximalist but lighting network, should it become robust and trusted, would seem to mitigate most confirmation time 'issues'. Another good show. Thanks.


Bitcoin Classic is now 2 Meg.


@20:50 Tone you can change your birthday once on FB but only the year I believe.


@12:30 Tone is intimating that he doesn't pay for ISP & is stealing or hacked into a close by neighbour's wifi signal for his outdoor 'range extender'. 🙂


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