The Bitcoin Group #104 – Bitfinex Hacked, US Bitcoin Sale, Australia Bitcoin, MegaUpload2

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Tone Vays (
Theo Goodman (
Gabriel D Vine (
Alex Sterk (
and Thomas Hunt (


Bitfinex users to share 36% of bitcoin losses after hack

The U.S. government is selling $1.6 million worth of seized bitcoins this month

Australia to regulate bitcoin under counter-terrorism finance laws

Kim Dotcom Claims Revived Megaupload Will Run On Bitcoin Micropayments

and Predictions!

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14 comments on “The Bitcoin Group #104 – Bitfinex Hacked, US Bitcoin Sale, Australia Bitcoin, MegaUpload2

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42:20…. Umm he's not a billionaire, he's a millionaire and the US has illegally seized his property and liquid assets…. Cmon now


1800 every day after the hard fork 27:46 <– should be the thehalvening


Australian GST is 10%


50 years ago Gay marrage and abortion sounded impossible!

Now were here! How long till their final part of their plan is in action and the devil truely roams this earth?

Peodophillia will be legal within 10 years! GUARENTEED! It may has well be today with the politicians,. Education, Science etc worlds ALREADY manipulated with this evil satanic stuff!

Yes, No matter what country you are from, The jews have infultrated THEM ALL with this evil shit!

Got to be dumb, blind, stupid and ignorant not to see it in 2016 lol

Hidden in plain sight!

And yes, the Jews deal in 'Terror' which is all about 'Fear'…. Fictional Events Actually Realised! I.E – All in your heads, We create our own fear lol.

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The Tower of Babel will, once again, be erected and presented as a temple of God – Sunday, April 21st, 2013 @ 14:45
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Hitler was right, GO listyen to his speeches about how he wanted the Jews out of education, science, financce etc etc!

Look where we are today! Buried in jew lies like 'holoccaust' and so called 'schooling' (indoctination).

Im so suprised you lot don't get it! Most are powered by greed though at the end of the day 🙁


Gabe , I totally agree .There is a reason to be suspicious about some kind of inside job (regarding bitfinex). Tone I know you don't do the whole conspiracy theory talk but even you must agree that there is room for some kind of collusion in this case. As always , great show guys .


Alex you bitcoin maximalist! (lol)
he does make a killer latte


Guys, this is a great show as always, glad to see Alex Sterk too.


Feels bad living in australia


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