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FAKE FAKE FAKE , i tryed 1 mounth and the withdraw didnt appear in my wallet . FAKE FAKE FAKE


Upgraded to the 1.1 version. Threw $10 out the window. The transaction shows up in my BTC wallet as 100% confirmed and doesn't show up in my balance. Turns out there were two transactions made – One for the .005 to my wallet and another from the same wallet to a completely different wallet for about 3 times the amount.

Then I compare the transaction numbers from Startminer from their payouts record and the one I received in my personal wallet and they are completely different. The one my wallet records is a double transaction FROM my wallet and another wallet for just under .02 BTC to two different wallets altogether. Things that make you go hmmm….

Is anyone else actually able to USE the satoshi they are supposedly being sent by Smartminer?
Has anyone actually heard anything from customer service? Ever?

Me neither.

On we go and please remember – it's not Bitcoin that's bad – it's some of the people that use bitcoin that are bad.


I have placed a payment order for 6 days but have not received payment yet


Realmente paga y muy bien, les dejo mi Link como referido:


I have Received: 0.00500000 BTC TXID 05c4d8546a5dc8376693554eca53aafa9669f48d2e5cad6af6fef118bca6f525.

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hi guys i deposit 0.01 bitcoins to version 1.1 now i have version1.1 but my account mining afterol version 1.0 watha fakintosh hapend? some one have situation something like me?


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