Primedice Hash Cracker [FREE BITCOINS] [HACK/EXPLOIT]

This is a new and updated version of the primedice hash cracker, better than the old one which no longer works, this will work for a long time until primedice catches on and upgrades their hashing method.

I would like to apologise for the quality. Also this program may lag a little when calculating hashes since its not very easy for a computer to handle, I recommend changing hashes EVERY roll for least chance of getting banned, if you keep winning big you will also get banned, so dont abuse this too much (I did and I lost 12 btc 🙁 a while back

v1.0 – Initial release (8/9/15)
v1.1 – Increased stability and updated hashing method + windows 10 support (12/09/15)


1) Get server and client hash from provably fair tab, run program (keep in mind this program sometimes does not open since it still is a little buggy but it will be updated, it also is not multi threaded so it may appear to be frozen, but it is just cracking hash)

2) paste the server and client hash

3) enter your bet win chance percentage (without % sign)

4) Click the BIG BUTTON 🙂 and it will calculate next winning/losing

IF YOU WANT THE FULL EDITION I AM SELLING FOR $45 btc and you can test it beforehand to make sure it is working! NOTHING TO LOSE. The full edition is way more advanced and calculates full winning/losing streak.


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