Nicolas Doze: Bitcoin: Mt Gox victime d’un hack ou coupable d’escroquerie ? – 26/02

Le 26 février, Nicolas Doze s’est intéressé à la crise du Bitcoin et à la disparition de la plateforme “MtGox” de Tokyo sur Internet, sur BFM Business.

Chaque matin, dans Intégrale Placements, Nicolas Doze débriefe l’actualité sur BFMBusiness, première chaîne d’informations économiques en France. Retrouvez toute l’actualité économique et financière sur Pour ne rien manquer de nos vidéos, rendez-vous sur :

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2 comments on “Nicolas Doze: Bitcoin: Mt Gox victime d’un hack ou coupable d’escroquerie ? – 26/02

Bitcoin is very interesting..


This is really Interesting, people should know that Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg in the crypto-currency world. You should do a video on an alternative coin, like Zetacoin. They are about to become one of the major mobile payment solutions around Africa, lead developers are in meetings right now to make it happen. 
You can get Zetacoin on most major coin exchanges Bter/Cryptsy/Mintpal. As of today Zetacoin are 1,000 times cheaper than Bitcoin. They will be all over the news in the next few months! Do a research piece on Zetacoin for people who don't know what alternative coins are, or want to get on the bandwagon before they get to $100 per coin. 
Right now Zetacoin are only about $0.01 each. Repost this message to get attention, this coin could very well be the new currency for a 3rd world country.


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