Money Talks: Bitcoin hacked, Pamela Ambler reports

More than $70m worth of bitcoin, the online digital currency, has been stolen in the second-largest hack of it’s kind. The hack targetted Bit-finex – a Hong Kong based platform where customers can exchange bitcoins for US dollars. TRT World’s business programme looks at the financial news that affects ordinary people. Matthew Moore presents ‘Money Talks’ from TRT World’s studios in Istanbul. From Wall Street to Main Street ‘Money Talks’ helps the 99% navigate their changing financial world.





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2 comments on “Money Talks: Bitcoin hacked, Pamela Ambler reports

Again media doesn't know shit, but just report about something without knowledge, Bitcoin is not hacked, bitcoin exchange got hacked.. fuckin retards.


Your title is misleading, it should be "Bitcoin exchange hacked". Not "Bitcoin hacked".


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