[Jailbreak] Bitcoin Billionaire Hack

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Here’s the repo and look up Locallapstore then go to bitcoin billionaire press the thing you want then when it says connecting store you turn off your wi-fi (IT MAY TAKE SOME TIME BUT BE PATIENT) Heres my twitter-@JeffreySerpas Kik-Jeffreyserpas thank you for watching sorry if I took too long!

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The way too do it is too Get localiapstore, like he said and open settings, then close it so it gets into your appswitcher… Open bitcoin billionaire tap on the thing you want then press cancel…. Then open appswitcher go onto setting turn on airplane mode and go back on Bitcoin billionaire TADA!


I'm sorry if doesn't work i will try to find the solution !


I'm going to do some bitcoin billionaire hack vids be sure to check them out when done 😉


Hacking hyperbits without jailbroken device: Install iExplorer or iFunBox. Conect your iphone by USB. With this software you'be able to access the apps directory. Search for "Billionaire" app (it'll show like a folder), and inside of it go to "Documents" folder. Export to PC the file "gamesav.dat".
After that, open it in a Hex Editor and change the value of offset 0x00000020 to "E7" and offset 0x00000021 to "03". Save changes and import it again into your game directory (overwriting the file on iphone). Now you have 999 hyperbits and all your progress and status will not change. 🙂

Working with version 1.0.


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