Introduction to Gekko UI (free bitcoin trading bot)

This video gives a basic introduction into algorithmic trading and shows how to import data and backtest using the open source (and free) bot Gekko.

Download it here:

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Guys if you can help me out with some spare change. 18erAcNc7xJfRj1L3PPjZjQhJdc8LtjtDV

I had my coins in a gmx email address and it expired after 6 months so i lost access to my account. I have tried everything.

I bought 2 btc around 5 years ago and traded my way up to 9 btc and sadly i cannot access it any longer.

I promise i will pay back as i build it back up, i would buy more but my situation is very tight at the moment, if so just message me,

even a small amount i will thank you for


im getting

throw err;


Hey Mike,
I am trying to start a new "live Gekko" using the latest develop version with UI, but there is no input to set any value for "type" field. Is it already implemented? I just cant start live Gekko using the UI, but it works fine in terminal. Thanks!


I'm having a problem. After I download and install Gekko through command prompt, I try to run it with node gekko it has an error and says it cannot find a config file.


Hey Mike. Gekko is the easiest open source bot to set up and use at the moment. Great work! I played with the configuration a bit, but the settings it comes with seem the best. After some backtesting, I sent $20 to kraken. It's been running a few hours with trade enabled, but hasn't made any trades. Will it not trade until I set profit simulator to false?


How do I get this version?


It's my first time using gekko (without the ui) and it seems to be awesome! You did a great job.
I am downloading Poloniex database to have some fun with backtests.
When are you planning to release the version with –ui profile? I got an "unknown option `–ui'" when I tried.


how do you get Web server running on Windows 10? also there was an issue when I not update, a bunch or errors and warnings..


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