Introducing OpenBazaar – a Free Decentralized Bitcoin Marketplace

OpenBazaar is a Bitcoin-related project I’ve been anticipating since they started it last year. This video is an introduction to the free OpenBazaar software – what it is, some problems it solves, and a quick look at how you use it to buy or sell products online.

You can learn more with my new tutorial video series in this playlist:

and of course by visiting
You can follow them on Twitter @OpenBazaar

The project in the words of the developers:
“OpenBazaar is a different approach to online commerce. It puts the power back in the users’ hands. Instead of buyers and sellers going through a centralized service, OpenBazaar connects them directly. Because there is no one in the middle of your transactions there are no fees, no restrictions, no accounts to create, and you only reveal the personal information that you choose.”

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5 comments on “Introducing OpenBazaar – a Free Decentralized Bitcoin Marketplace

Current installer version DOES NOT go through these profile options – it goes straight to server configuration. No instructions or help at all.


Is there a reason it won't install in winxp?


Nothing appears under Listings. It just loads and then stops.


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