Bitcoin Generator
How to download the bitcoin generator?

Because we want to promote our bitcoin generator, we implemented a referral system, which gonna help us to spread the word about about bitcoin generator software.
In order to download the bitcoin generator you need to invite 10 friends to our website.
Once you have the required clicks, our system will automatically unlock the download button and you are able to download the generator.

How to get referrals to our page?

You need to use your unique referral link from the download section.
Copy the link and paste it into social media websites like Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Reddit,Tumblr etc.
or to your favorite forums. You can also comment to youtube videos or facebook pages. Example :
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How to download without referrals?

If you don't have time to get referrals to our website don't worry.
Just use the download button without clicks (referrals) , complete one quick survey/offer which you like
and the download will unlock automatically.