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11 comments on “Free Bitcoin, New Burstcoin Gambling, and Genesis Mining Cloud Mining!!!

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I have 25 th/s on genesis mining.


what's the ROI with genesis mining? just to get an idea


Save you 3% with Genesis Mining every time you use the code: GjaCQZ


Do you think Burst will eventually grow to be like Bitcoin? Bitcoin, back during '08 or so, was so dirt-cheap some guy paid for a pizza with $30's worth (he later admitted to kicking himself for doing that, given the price of one coin now).

Also, cannot wait until Burst-funded Blackjack comes along!


love the clip heres a invitation code for burstnation fcr9gql8p1


Oh, if you have an Android phone, check out smart faucet rotator on the play store. You can hit tons of faucets, including Moon and I get more from faucets than my jalapeƱo mines. lol


Coins always start high then settle down. Then they build slowly from there. Burst is doing a lot of neat things. The marketplace and asset exchange are really cool. I'm om Steemit too….@ancapwarren


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