Free Bitcoin Hack At Rollin – How To Reach Level 2 On A Dollar!

Get your account at rollin and make sure you read for the full details on how to level up successfully using this betting strategy

The start of the video shows a higher balance as I showed the betting strategy due to it being cut from later in the video!

As you get around 2/3 of your 2.0 target each time, then up the base bet from 025 to 035 until you hit 2.0+ , then after “banking 1.0” return to 025 with your 1.00 bankroll….

One thing I did not point out in the video was that I made around $20 during my quest which you will see in the “stats” part of the demo! This money was transferred to my “bank”…” bit by bit” — lol!

Remember, each time you double your base bankroll to 2.0 + , then transfer 1.0 ( the minimum ) to your “Bank” see for the FULL details…

Thanks for watching and good luck with your quest!……

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Cheers for info looks like a laugh!


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