FREE Bitcoin Hack Android App $10/hour Verified 26-03-17

Hack the android app “Free Bitcoin Maker – Claim BTC” to get lots of free bitcoins.

1. Droid4x, Bluestacks or any good android emulator.
2. Android apps (to be installed on emulator):
a) Free Bitcoin Maker – Claim BTC
b) GMD Speed Time (Lite) ? root (android emulators are rooted by default)
3. Auto mouse click software
Link –

Open the GMD Speed Time app and drag the slider all the way upto the maximum. Then open the Free Bitcoin app and you’ll see that the time has now speeded up and you get a claim every 2 seconds. Start claiming the satoshis by clicking every time manually or use the auto click software to set up an automatic click on the claim button every 2 seconds.

If you still can’t figure out how to setup the hack, please mention in the comments and I’ll upload a detailed explanation.

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8 comments on “FREE Bitcoin Hack Android App $10/hour Verified 26-03-17

2 hour bitcoin doubler,. min deposit is 0.00060000 Satoshi, promise it works, send Satoshi to 136a1DtRP59U9QeMMh9gGpGSbvcWKGFGTF and receive double in two hours!!


when I start the GMD speed time lite
it is showing
error no roots permission

plz help me


que pendejada si este app no paga nada


Dear friend, good afternoon! I am interested in acquiring the full version of the GMD Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTime (Lite) app, since I have already proven the profitability of the same, although in the limited version.

In addition, I am enrolled in the channel, and with this video also guaranteed my like.

My email address is:

Thank you in advance!



Guys I swear I just got.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *freeppalmon xyz


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