Free Bitcoin Auto Captcha Script EARN $50 daily [working 100%]

Step 1 ) Sign up Free bitcoin Wallet :

Step 2 ) Create a new Free Bitcoin Account :
You can Create more than 1 Account to Run Script on other Computer (other IP address)

Step 3 ) Sign up a new account on captcha service:

Step 4 ) Captcha some characters to earn point (balance) :

Step 5 ) Create your own API on captcha service:

Step 6 ) Install imacros add-on and Create your own Script, E.g:

Step 7 ) Play (Run) your Script !

Note: Run on Firefox with imacros 8.9.7 (Remember to turn off Auto update imacros)

Read more details:

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12 comments on “Free Bitcoin Auto Captcha Script EARN $50 daily [working 100%]

Can you tell me how I make money with this ? Its working but I dont see any money come up and credits in capcha servis is going down no up …


Sir how much should earn from 9KW to run key on script


I finely got everything work with new photo you put on video, but now comes up this 0008 Kein Captcha gefunden. / No captcha found. I check the script if something is not missing but I didnt find nothing …


well I try everything I could to do how you do in video and how say the steps, but I cant paste the script to folder, in the right click shows new folder and rename and edit its blocked so sir look like I am not alone so you should show or explain step by step , ….we all not comp. genius…


hello thanks a lot plese i dont know how to creat a script even i have seen step 6 and how to add this script in imacros or just edit it in imacros explaigne me more please if you want thank you again


I have a problem for the script ? where i paste?


the script doesn't work? please help.


How to create the script file?


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