BITSLER 1.2 BTC Hack – Bitcoin Autobet Strategy – LOW RISK & HIGH PROFIT Super Fast

to get weekly free 50k (if wagered +1 BTC)

Hello everyone


Today I’m gonna show you a method how to get tons of BITCOIN for FREE

Go to to get weekly free 50k (if wagered +1 BTC)

link will be in the description

Make sure you deposit some to have bigger earnings


Pick : The Last one – Pulos Korona ( 3 tails, 0 heads )

Bet Amount: 7 sat. (0.00000007 BTC)

Increase on loss : 13%

Let it roll 🙂

Im gonna roll for 5 mins and then calculate the winnings


Balance before start : 0.00866886

Balance after 5 mins : 0.00870436

so we just made 3550 sats for 5 mins

Remember that his is nothing compared to what you can earn with a higher bet or balance
I’m just playing it safe

How much can I earn in 1 day with this ?

Lets see

1 Day : 0.01

If our bet would be 70 sats we would be able to earn 0.1 in 1 day

Happy winings 🙂

It is a little risky with the balance I have but if you deposit like 0.5 the chances of failing go to 0% 🙂

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5 comments on “BITSLER 1.2 BTC Hack – Bitcoin Autobet Strategy – LOW RISK & HIGH PROFIT Super Fast

Followed exact settings lost 88000 in about 52 secs Thank you brilliant!!


Thanks mate! I am going to give it a try – I have a few betting hacks myself lol , cashing out big style with rollin hack! – Not played this game before, could you pin back stake bet a bit and let it run for say an hour a time? That´s my ultimate goal on each new hack, cheers again for the info will let you know!


You should do like a 1500satoshi to 100k satoshi stratedgy, basically faucet to 100k


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