Bitcoin University – Money Slavery & How to Set Yourself FREE With Cryptocurrency

Is crypto currency the wave of the future? If so, what is it, and should you get involved? Val takes on the mystery of crypto currency, and specifically BitCoin, what they mean, and how they CHANGE EVERYTHING about how we do money, transactions and wealth creation. Don’t miss this class. Invite friends, it WILL be life-transforming.

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6 comments on “Bitcoin University – Money Slavery & How to Set Yourself FREE With Cryptocurrency

Why the reptilians enslaved us with banks and money and the federal reserve?
Why reptilians enlsaved us by making that system ?
Why aliens control our lives?
When we will wake up and see the real truth?
Are we alone in this world universe?

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Miss Valerie, is bitcoin in the stock market yet to buy stock in bitcoin?  was wondering what the stock symbol is.


Hi, Rev. Valerie!!  Thank you so much for all you do, and for taking the time to share this insightful information about bitcoin.  I've come across the topic several times and finally decided to study up on it.  The videos on were a great resource for learning more.  I learned that bitcoin is also a "play" currency in that its value is not intrinsic/we the people determine it's value.  Its not backed by a physical commodity.  As of March this year, it is considered property and subject to capital gains tax.  Much of it's promise is in the fact that it is decentralized.  Also, much of its promise (and peril) lies in the fact that it is unregulated and relies heavily on the honor system.  Only a set number can be created so it will, apparently, not be subject to hyperinflation.  I'm curious about the prospect of taking a Buffettonian investing approach to it (although Buffett probably wouldn't invest in bitcoin).  It seems so young, and the price fluctuates so much ($881 at the start of 2014, then just went from ~$361 to $347 in a day and a half?)  Might be a good idea to watch it for a while to learn its flow, let it go down a little more and scoop some up when others run for the hills, then sell real fast before it goes back down…  I guess that wouldn't be Buffettonian at all.  🙂  Some say this volatility is inevitable with a fixed supply of bitcoins.  I don't totally understand that concept, but the volatility means it may not be a good idea to use it for business yet.  But then some say that the more businesses use it, the more demand increases and helps to stabilize the price–especially since over half of all possible bitcoin have already been mined.  What happens when they're all mined?  hmmmm.  The idea that cryptocurrency is the "internet of money" is a very interesting perspective.  Definitely a concept that is here to stay and will only evolve.  Exciting times!  I feel tingly!!!!


Hi ms Valerie love, I'm already on this journey of bit coins, to hear you speak about it put's wind, into my soul ship's sail's to prosperity .-thank you!


Rev Val is it like a global currency with no exchange rate?


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