Bitcoin News – price crash bitfinex non hack false flag op

Did they just blow out another exchange on purpose?
Either way lets get to the bottom of it together.

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Join us, Sign in and Post Hello and we will take action together to
1. get to the bottom of this and recover our losses one way or another should the Exchange not make good on our funds.
2. develop and/or support solutions and p2p smart contract trading where this can not happen. Including developing crypto OPTIONS contract trading.

Divided we fall, TOGETHER WE CONQUER.

Why did BitGo sign $60million dollars of transactions without even so much as an ARE YOU SURE prompt?

Why was the CFTC demanding Finex abandon cold storage and go for multi sig hot wallets? Plausible deniability?

Political gain To push for centralized concepts of Mutability, KYC AML track and trace Problem Reaction Solution??

Speculation? Perhaps. Let’s hope this theory is proven wrong but circumstantial evidence points to an intentional / let it happen Operation.

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16 comments on “Bitcoin News – price crash bitfinex non hack false flag op

bits….. I'm still not comfortable with it. the concept seems like it would work but unfortunately it has potential for cracks and foundation compromise, obviously it's still not 100% fool proof. they gotta fix the flaws so it can truly b 100% safe. until then ppl have other options. it's still not outta the grasp of thieves and crooks…😕


wtf dude?? I been keeping my eye on " bits" for over a yr now….. never bought any, but any person with a high skool diploma would have red flags goin off from the get go..bottom line THE WEB. (it's not called that by accident) is never safe never has been they threw us that bone and they taketh away!! I will admit that 2016 has gone to the ultimate depths of hell, aroundI was SERIOUSLY one step away from buying with small % of my income just to test waters in June…….but that voice, in my head still would not SHUT UP lol and my Spidey sense gave me a bad case of the " BE GEEZ" ….so glad I listened 🙌🙌
AND OF COURSE THEY ALL FUKING DID IT!! THESE VAMPIRE'S HAD THEIR MOUTH DROOLING since it's intro……fuking bloodsuckers!! Took them a bit of collaborating and manipulation and they finally sank their FALSE TEETH in left a blood trail and split the loot!! CLASSIC MAFIOSO move!!!


wtf dude?? I been keeping my eye on " bits" for over a yr now….. never bought into it, was on feany person with a high skool diploma would have red flags about it


People use decentralized exchange .


Good video, great points, by the way though…. miners are just scammed all the time, ckeck out kncminer. They only confirm blocks, they couldnt do anything about it, miners are too busy hoping nobody catches how much electricity is stolen.


im just curious where you are guy talking in video?, cuz all the roosters in the background lol


I am not saying there is not responsibility on Bitfinex, or BitGold, though there needs to be understanding that we as individuals need to man it up and know that when we put your Bitcoins on a centralized exchange than your asking for it , simple as that.


completely 100% agree. But what can we do collectively to make sure these bastards don't get away with this theft?


well I see a few of us something suspicious is going on.


You controlled your rage admirably, sir.


LOL @ 12:45….there was no bull move in Bitcoin. It was always going to tank.


I agree thought from the begining it was an inside job the whole purpose of a multisig is to have minimum 2 out of 3 keys move funds now how someone on the outside of the company was able to get those keys is beyond me.of course you could argue phishing but they would need to know the encryption password.


bitcoin survives another shit foock ya conspiracy fagots!


Yeah, sounds like an inside job.
And they wonder why guys like me refuse to keep our coins on their exchanges.


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