Bitcoin mining 1 bitcoin for 5 min (Bitsler Bot and Script Hack Bitcoin 2017)

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Ultimate Bitsler Bot 2016 to make free Bitcoins from

It has an unique system to change seeds and make a lot more of wins…

It is a standalone program fast and profitable!

Just sign in to the site with bot, make sure the “Auto Change Seed periodically” option is checked and start rolling!

This is more than one-year work, we are happy if it can help people to promote the use of Bitcoins!

Bitsler bot is a program to automate betting using several strategies.

It is updated regularly to improve the bot and to add new and innovative features.


– No browser needed
– Option to “Auto Change Seed periodically” (more wins guaranteed)
– Multiply On Win
– Reset Bets after number of wins
– Optional Stop after Profit
– Zig Zag(High/Low Switching)
– Very flexible Martingale Automated Betting System (New)
– The script is fully compatible with latest Bitsler version.

Never heard of!

Just visit:

This is new and fast-growing Bitcoin-based gambling site!

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30 comments on “Bitcoin mining 1 bitcoin for 5 min (Bitsler Bot and Script Hack Bitcoin 2017)

hi-pl share the script (have subscribed to your channel)


Investimento solido Gladiacoin, temos grupo de suporte. (Alguns dos nossos colaboradores já investiram mais de 14 bitcoins)

Chega de Hypes!!


xin addchỉ cách viết chương trình này cho tôi


i know a free website that double or triple your bitcoin in just one hour reply me if anyone interested


use the bot owner but give refresh and everything is earned disappears why so help


Buen video te recomiendo esta pag bro generaras muchos ingresos es nueva y esta pagando! aprovechala


fake, only stole you your bitcoins


withdraw not working…how do you withdraw?


help me getting some btc


This is a scam, Pls never believe this guys….Scam alert. Beware!!!


If you need Bitcoin adder tools then contact me at: You can easily earn over 0.2 btc per day. But you have to buy this software by money. If you are interested then contact.


после ввода каптчи , Ваш баланс уходит мошенникам….., НЕ ВЗДУМАЙТЕ СТАВИТЬ !!!!!!


Is the script still friendly?


у меня тоже не работает,ентер нажимаю не чего не происходит,у кого работает подскажите пожалуйста…


i can not play, i do it like you, but it do not run


massive respect for sharing this script, good job man.


i have problem with enspect elements i dont know how i put this command


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