Bitcoin is Not a Ponzi Scheme — Detroit Hacked! — Draper to Bid on Silk Road Bitcoins Again


November 18th, 2014 — Start aging smart with MadBitcoins!

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Hacker seized database from city of Detroit and demanded $800k in bitcoin

Bitcoin Auction Winner Draper to Bid Again in December

Bitcoin Prices are up slightly with WinkDex reporting a last of $377, a high of $384 and a low of $372. Litecoin is at $3.76 cents a coin.

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4 comments on “Bitcoin is Not a Ponzi Scheme — Detroit Hacked! — Draper to Bid on Silk Road Bitcoins Again

I just supported with a small yet symbolical amount of BTC 0.03806967. Keep up the great work!


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. Governments are learning the lesson, backup your data.


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