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During this video we are going to present to you the way you use our Bitcoin Generator. We already have been able to get connected to above 70.000 miners built around the world and so we use this project to give away bitcoins. You’ll find that you may get as many as 0.5 BTC with our Bitcoin Generator and you’re able to put it to use time and again.

Where do we get your bitcoins?

After many years of planting miners worldwide our company has accumulated about 70.000 of these! They are all connected to our Bitcoin Generator and present us with sufficient BTC to distribute across the world! This is a fairly special mission!

So how exactly does this perform the job?

The procedure is a piece of cake, basically pay a visit to our website page and send all of the info, you need to input your exact bitcoin address.

Why would you execute this?

We created the Bitcoin Generator because we need a lot of persons as we can to try our project. Subsequent to the assessing period of time this could become a paid program.

Must I authenticate myself?

Yeah, considering the fact that we really do not wish for bots to make usage of our Bitcoin Generator over and over again, this can not be fair to legitimate guests and we would undoubtedly close our work.

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