Bitcoin generators (ALL SCAM)

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I personally tested this software and it did not work as it did not add or doubled my bitcoins
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10 comments on “Bitcoin generators (ALL SCAM)

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if you want to sell your bitcoins i knw a guy who is willing to pay cash down. contact me 5btcs and above only.


Big scam..
i lost 210$ please dont buy the bot. if u buy the bot all those comments on youtube was given by the same person with differnet ids. i lost my money what ever u type is activate key it will show your key is activated its default.

please dont buy buy
xpm.jimdo is a scam. and faucet bot 2.0.4 updated to 3.0 scam
please becareful..


Hi all .
you're looking for a tool that wants to make money?
but you have not found that actually work and pay or you have been duped.

you do not worry,,
we have a solution for you, bitcoin generator software program that is genuine and really bekarja to pay,
This tool has produced 2 BTC every hour.

for those of you who are interested in this program, please email me.

I will quickly respond to you, because I am active email within 24 hours.

thanks .

salute: James Brown (CEO)

earn money only watching videos
$25 dollars per 1 hour
$250 dollars per 10 hours
and $1000 dollars per 1 month


here an option, it is not scam, and profits since day one. yes it is about bitcoin mining, and this company has its own coin that is called s-coin, I hope you join this opportunity


I agree with you bro.. 99% are scam… never should I believe again.


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