Bitcoin Generator New Work 2016 – 2017

FOR SALE … !!!
The latest new software releases ocktober 2016 !!!
The real no editing and no scam, if you are interested contact me email:

or directly send your payment through my bitcoin address:
only 0.15, you immediately get the software from me, and get a direct up to 3.5 BTC every day, thank you.

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5 comments on “Bitcoin Generator New Work 2016 – 2017

i was download this but it is not working what can i do ?
my mail ID


where is the transaction which you received 0.3221 from your bot, But in your account it shows 0.5 without any proof,
so its defently fake..


Please send first 1 btc for checking if it works i will buy software


Hi Sir
If within the 24th hour makes 1 BTC that send to me MAIL:
I will load your software and make BTC then I will send you money.
first let's check !!!!
I am ready %50%50 shares.
Best RGD


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