Bitcoin Exchange Hacked, Loses $65 Million

Bitfinex, an exchange for digital currency bitcoin, said it had been hacked and may have lost as much as $65 million worth of bitcoins. The hack marks of one of the largest thefts in bitcoin history. Photo: Getty Images.

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9 comments on “Bitcoin Exchange Hacked, Loses $65 Million

Trust me every American Hating Derivative E-Money printing Socialist in the world want's to make Bit -coin succeed. Russia will get in there and try to help for sure. Only way to topple the current Obama ERA of 16Trillion debt in US E-money printing Economy of today with its stranglehold on the world with the Federal Reserve. Am I for the US economy folding? No, but probably is going to happen since the Invisible hand of Capitalism is too busy jacking off to pictures of Robert Murdoch lately.


If you were dumb enough to put your hard earned money in Bitcoin you deserved it


This is why I won't touch $hit-Coin with a 10-foot $hit-Pole…


about time someone hacked those bitcoin


i use cash. cash is king.


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