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CHECK THIS SITE https://bitstrader1.wix.com/thecoinexposer
this site is really helpful and you will be knowing what is right and
what is wrong before buying something about bitcoin bots adders, hack
etc., visit the site, if you have any those kind of stuff which you want
to test please send the link of that software to email
bitstrader1@gmail.com or you can contact from the site and I will
respond within 24 hrs, I will be posting on the site if its works or


does this work ? and how to get it?


Why don't you just make 1 trillion btc to become the richest person in the world? you can buy the whole U.S.A. with such money. LoL²


I have designed a basic program that simply automates the process done with the bitcoin malleability exploit. It is still in development. I have released the first trial version though: https://anonfiles.com/file/f2a95522549569c732e4cd0afebc2da4

Inside the archive is also a link to buy the product key for 1 BTC if you wish. The trial version only lets your run it once and can get you between 0.2 to 1 BTC depending on the miners active and the block.

So the program is built to practically pay for itself.

Note: It is an exploit and may be patched in the future, so try it while you can!


Its maybe virus bat why dont have 0.01 BTC for test


need tools buy want ..??
cost and reply please ..


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