BEST HACK/Strategy For BITSLER.COM – Get 1 bitcoin in 2 hours – 100% Safe

Hello everyone

Impulse / MrWinALot Here

Today i have a new amazing video

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Anyway lets continue with the video

Payout : x10

Increase on Loss : 15%

Balance : 0.35415108

Bet amount : 0.00001000

Lets make some profit 🙂


Balance before : 0.35415108

Balance after : 0.40923222

See you Soon 🙂

Thanks for watching

Happy winnings 🙂

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10 comments on “BEST HACK/Strategy For BITSLER.COM – Get 1 bitcoin in 2 hours – 100% Safe

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woww is saw later it was litecoin… what are the settings for BTC?


it works nice you always put bet amount on .00001000 not more?


Кран, который хорошо платит сатоши(от 60000 в день). Не забывайте периодически обновлять, чтобы он не тормозил. –
The crane, which pays well Satoshi (60,000 per day). Do not forget to update periodically so that it did not brake. –


Wow nice strategy. So is 2 hours the maximum amount of time we should leave the autobet running?


These strategy is better. Is not so risky and you win. But be aware about patterns. When you are betting on wrong pattern you are losing. So have great care. You must switch according to the patter if is hi or lo. I have lost about 0.01 btc because I have ignored patterns. You can have almost 10 Hi or Lo numbers in a row and no numbers that you bet.



i follow ur last tuto and i lost 0.02 btc ;/.
I need To up my fuking balance but i cant buy bitcoin now ;s
can toi help me To up my balance safety ?

thx dude i sub.


very good stretegy brother i like this….


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